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Base mix for starter pigs 15-25 lbs body weight.

Nutrient Minimum Maximum
Crude Protein 28.10%
Crude Fat 3.00%
Calcium (Ca) 2.88% 3.88%
Salt (NaCl) 3.06% 4.06%
Selenium (Se) 1.70 PPM
Lysine 3.40%
Crude Fiber 2.90%
Phosphorus (P) 1.59%
Sodium (Na) 1.43% 1.93%
Zinc (Zn) 1.50%

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Feed as sole ration to pigs weighing 15 to 25 pounds body weight. Add approved medication as needed

Item Weight (lbs)
Pig Weight 15 – 25
Corn 1150
SBM (47.5%) 500
Supra-Start 350 Plus 350
TOTAL 2000